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Class ServerviewModel

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PythonQt.QtCore.QAbstractItemModel --+

ItemModel to deliver data of a serverview to ItemWidgets. The data is delivered in one column. Limitations: no badges, no friend/foe status

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, schid, iconpack=None, parent=None)
Instantiates a new ServerviewModel object.
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__del__(self) source code
setServerConnectionHandlerId(self, schid) source code
_reload(self) source code
_reloadServerinfo(self) source code
_reloadChannellist(self) source code
_addChilds(self, node, d) source code
_reloadClientlist(self) source code
onServerEditedEvent(self, schid, editerID, editerName, editerUID) source code
onNewChannelEvent(self, schid, cid, pcid) source code
onNewChannelCreatedEvent(self, schid, cid, parent, invokerID, invokerName, invokerUniqueIdentifier) source code
onUpdateChannelEditedEvent(self, schid, cid, invokerID, invokerName, invokerUniqueIdentifier) source code
onChannelMoveEvent(self, schid, cid, newpcid, invokerID, invokerName, invokerUniqueIdentifier) source code
onDelChannelEvent(self, schid, cid, invokerID, invokerName, invokerUID) source code
onClientMoveEvent(self, schid, clientID, oldChannelID, newChannelID, visibility, moveMessage) source code
onChannelUnsubscribeEvent(self, schid, channelID) source code
onChannelSubscribeEvent(self, schid, channelID) source code
onClientMoveMovedEvent(self, schid, clientID, oldChannelID, newChannelID, visibility, moverID, moverName, moverUniqueIdentifier, moveMessage) source code
onUpdateClientEvent(self, schid, clientID, invokerID, invokerName, invokerUniqueIdentifier) source code
onClientSelfVariableUpdateEvent(self, schid, flag, oldValue, newValue) source code
onClientMoveSubscriptionEvent(self, schid, clientID, oldChannelID, newChannelID, visibility) source code
onClientMoveTimeoutEvent(self, schid, clientID, oldChannelID, newChannelID, visibility, timeoutMessage) source code
onClientKickFromServerEvent(self, schid, clientID, oldChannelID, newChannelID, visibility, kickerID, kickerName, kickerUniqueIdentifier, kickMessage) source code
onClientDisplayNameChanged(self, schid, clientID, displayName, uid) source code
onTalkStatusChangeEvent(self, schid, status, isReceivedWhisper, clid) source code
onServerGroupListEvent(self, schid, serverGroupID, name, atype, iconID, saveDB) source code
onChannelGroupListEvent(self, schid, channelGroupID, name, atype, iconID, saveDB) source code
_createIndex(self, row, column, obj) source code
_indexObject(self, index) source code
index(self, row, column, parent) source code
parent(self, index) source code
rowCount(self, parent) source code
columnCount(self, parent) source code
data(self, index, role) source code
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, schid, iconpack=None, parent=None)

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Instantiates a new ServerviewModel object. This raises an exception if the iconpack could not be opened. The object registers itself as callbackproxy to the PythonHost.

  • schid (int) - the ID of the serverconnection
  • iconpack (ts3client.IconPack) - the iconpack to use icons from. defaults to None to use the TS3 client's current IconPack
  • parent (QObject) - the QObject-parent. defaults to None